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About us

We are recent Stanford graduates with a strong knowledge of the college admissions processes of the country’s most selective universities. Not only have we successfully navigated the application process ourselves, but we also have unique insights into the admissions standards both of individual universities and the application process as a whole. We see our students as individuals and are committed to helping them achieve their goals by crafting original and powerful stories through the various pieces of their applications.

Rishi Gharpuray

Co-Founder, CEO

Rishi Gharpuray graduated with a Bachelor and Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. At Stanford, Rishi balanced a rigorous course load with side projects, EE research with Professor Roger Howe, and internships (including Facebook). His coursework was primarily focused on low-level computer systems, ranging from networking to operating systems. In his spare time, Rishi enjoys traveling, working out, watching sports, and meeting new people. Rishi developed the College Apex web platform and is currently the Head of Software at Snypr Inc., based in Woodside CA. Rishi is a firm believer that, having gone through the full application process and everything that comes thereafter, he will be able to effectively communicate with students (especially aspiring engineers) to help them both realize and maximize their potentials.

Francesca Bassa

Co-Founder, COO

Francesca Bassa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Stanford University, where she received a full athletic scholarship. During her time at Stanford, Francesca was Captain of the Varsity Fencing Team, where she was a four-time NCAA All-American Finalist, and runner-up NCAA Champion. Her coursework at Stanford focused on the intersection between Psychology, Biology, and Business and she has a passion for traveling, food, and learning about different cultures. Francesca currently works as Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Corporation, based in the Bay Area. From both her student and professional history, Francesca recognizes the power of storytelling for brands, businesses and people. She aspires to help students achieve success by building powerful personal narratives.

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Our process

Set Personal Goals

We understand that every student has his/her own goals and ambitions. We've worked with aspiring business students, doctors, among many other disciplines. We also know that different students progress at different paces. By understanding students and what they are looking for, we are able to help the student set both short and long term goals.

College List

Applying to the right colleges is where it all begins. Every student has unique interests, career goals, plans after graduation, and more. Additionally, every student has different strengths and weaknesses. We take all of these into account as we help students craft their optimal college list. We ensure that students are challenging themselves enough, while making sure we plan for worst case scenarios.


In our sessions we focus on all the pieces of the application process as needed—such as writing compelling essays, obtaining the right recommendations, achieving the best possible grades and standardized testing results, highlighting extracurricular activities, acing interviews, and much more. Additionally, we work with our students to tie all of these elements together in a way that maximizes the strength of their application in a coherent and compelling way.


While the common application essay is shared between several colleges, the individual applications require an additional level of precision. Using our extensive network of both friends and students we have recently worked with, we tailor applications to fit the specific universities a given student is applying to.

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